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Procurement MGT Training Completed in Delhi

02/03/17 11:37 pm

Rokyan Management Consultancy International FZE is conducting training courses in more than 17 countries of the world. We are partners with reputed organizations/and institutions and being internationally recognized in Middle East, Africa and ASEAN Countries.

43 Employees of MRH, Kandahar Got Trained

02/03/17 11:10 pm

RMCI-FZE is honored to be service provider to ICRC-Afghanistan. With the financial support of ICRC-Afghanistan, RMCI-FZE conducted Refresher training sessions on Management and Supervision for Merwais Regional Hospital.

د سټالون کیسه

28/02/17 08:33 pm

کیسه ولولئ او ژوند مو بدل کړئ!

مایکل جورډن

25/02/17 10:22 pm

مایکل جورډن څنګه جورډن شو؟ پس منظر یې ولولئ او په کیسه یې ځانونه پوی کړئ! ستاسو چانس هم شته!

څه ډول دې چې ټیم دی؛ هغسې به دې کمپني وي

08/05/15 02:24 pm

مدیریتي مضامین له موږ سره ولولئ!