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Rokyan Celebrates Int'l HR Day

Rokyan Celebrates Int'l HR Day

On May 20,2023, Int'l HR Day
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Indonesian Diplomats Visit Rokyan

On February 19,2020, H.E. Arief Rachman Ambassador
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Indonesian Embassy Visits Rokyan

On January 28,2020, senior officials comprised of First Secretary,
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Minister Appreciated

Rokyan Management Consultancy International FZE appreciated Dr. Ferozudin Feroz
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Major Clients

Each and every client is important and valuable to us.
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Three Years of Success in UAE

Rokyan has been celebrating its 3rd year of service
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High Rank Training: Corporate Governance

Rokyan Management Consultancy International (RMCI) recently conducted
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Major Venues:

Rokyan Management Consultancy International (RMCI) trained 1,327
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Major Training Events

Total training events which took place in 2018 were 187 of
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1,327 Participants Got Trained @ 2018

“We wish all our contributors a very happy new year! We are closing 2018 with
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Rokyan Completes Fifteen Rounds of CS Training

Rokyan Management Consultancy International finally successfully completed
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Comprehensive Quickbooks Launched

Rokyan is proud enough successfully conducting its first Quickbooks
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First and Successful Entry to Uzbekistan

Rokyan conducted its first round of training services in Tashkent and Samarkand during September 2018.
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Rokyan Completes Five Rounds of CS Training

Rokyan has successfully conducted 5 rounds of training activities on Customer Service (CS) to Afghanistan International Bank (AIB) employees.
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Istanbul Events

Total 50 individuals were trained in Istanbul, Turkey. Rokyan has been conducting training activities in Istanbul, Turkey since 2016. It has been partnering with Bangkok Corporate Training Center International
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6th Round of HRM 101 Takes Place in Kabul, Afghanistan

RMCI Conduct 6th Round of HRM 101 Takes Place in Kabul, August 12-14, 2018
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Minister Visits Rokyan

Minister of Information & Technology visited RMC International FZE July 26 2018
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Training for Afghan Telecom Just Took Place

RMC Int’l FZE conducted Effective Communication, Consumer Behavior and Sales Mgt Training
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Recent Events for June-July in Istanbul, Turkey

Rokyan Management Consultancy International FZE conducted training activities in Istanbul, Turkey
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2nd Round of SPSS Training in Kabul for 2018

RMC International FZE conducted Research Methodologies, Data Management & SPSS Training