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Training Courses

project management
Project Management

Project management is the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria-wikipedia In order to find more about our project management courses, visit the list below:

Community & Humanitarian Projects
Community & Humanitarian Projects

Courses for community development are designed in away to enable the community to take collection actions for their common problems.

Environment & Social Safeguard
Environment & Social Safeguard

Visit Environment and Social Safeguard related courses and choose the one that best suits your organizational needs! If you do not find the course of your choice, leave us an email and share your objectives to design one for you!

Rokyan Management Consultancy (RMC)

It is communication that one gets job or lose job. In order to know more about our communication courses, review the below communication training courses launched:

Rokyan Management Consultancy (RMC)

Gender related courses are launched here! If the below gender training courses do not satisfy your needed, write us your needs relevant to the field so that we can manage!

Money Growth - enterprise development
Enterprise Development

You can find Enterprise Related courses here! We offer tailor made courses for enterprises! Further, we offer training support and take them to practical grounds rather than offering theory!

Rokyan Management Consultancy (RMC)
Administration & Office MGT

Administration unit is back bone! Most organizations call it Support Unit! It supports Operations! It is a link between an organization’s various departments. Effective operations need, strong administrative support! To learn more about our training packages under the above topic, kindly visit the below menu.

personal development
Personal Development

Personal Development is a life long process! It can not be done in one or two days! One needs to be up-to-date in terms of information, knowledge and skills!

Rokyan Management Consultancy (RMC) - procurement
Procurement & Contracts

Procurement Management and Contract Management (Contract Administration) are types of management that numerous organizations deal with them one way or another! Skills of negotiation, effective management, support and retaining are required in order to have strong Procurement or Contract Management

Rokyan Management Consultancy (RMC) finance
Finance & Audit

If you really want to avoid loss and get tension free, put finance first whether that is in terms of accounting, recording, decision making and setting margins!


Why People Choose Us

International Recognition
we offer customized and turn our courses totally tailored made! Totally analyzing the clients’ needs to offer right solution.
Long Term & Practical Experience
We are not limited to one or two areas of training fields! However, are, diversified enough and offering number of courses considering the nature and scope of organizations, national programs and projects.
Quality Services
We offer number of free seats in our training courses and motivating the crowd to get benefit of these courses.

Equipping Your Team to Carry Your Load !

Our Services

RMC - Curriculum Development
Curriculum Development

Rokyan is offering services in the field of curriculum development. Having professional and technical staff, Rokyan can develop training manuals, literacy manuals, enterprise development manuals, research and survey manuals, monitoring and evaluation manuals and etc.

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RMC - proposal writing
Proposal Writing

We develop winning proposals. As writing, by nature is difficult, we are here to offer quality services in field of developing proposals in a way to meet the donor’s requirement and persuade them that the document is realistic. In addition to Proposal Writing, we develop project completion reports…

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RMC - Survey and Research
Survey & Research

Investment opens door for development and new initiatives!

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RMC - Monitoring Evaluation M&E
Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of development activities provides government officials, development managers, and civil society with better means for learning from past experience, present and future interventions, improving service delivery, planning…

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RMC - Rokyan Management Consultancy


Rokyan Management Consultancy is Service provider in Singapore, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Tajikistan, South Africa, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, South Sudan! We do not teach only theory but practically connecting the people with the field and ground works! We bring experienced and qualified people from around the world to tackle our participants problems and offer to the point solutions! We connect organizations and people for long life relationship and learning! Books do not teach that much as people practically learn from the grounds! Join us to serve you!


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