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Vocational Trainings at District Level


Rokyan with the financial support of Johanniter International Assistance

Implemented vocational training project in the following villages of Khost:

  1. Mandata, Afghan Dubai
  2. Tedi, Afghan Dubai
  3. Speenki Tega, Afghan Dubai
  4. Khawargori
  5. Mansonkhail, Spera District
  6. Pakhan, Spera District
  7. Markazi Spera, Spera District
  8. Ghorma, Spera District

The training courses technically designed to train local community members on:

  1. Mobile Repairing
  2. Motorbike Repairing
  3. Solar Repairing

The course implementation developed technical skills among the participants which will help them launch their personal businesses, help community and solve their problems originating from the areas mentioned above.

The courses implementation will ease communities work and there will be no need to worry about their motorbikes and mobiles problems anymore!

The project was for total of three months from November 23,2023-February 23,2024.