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Successful Completion of Vocational Trainings


Rokyan successfully completed vocational training events for more than 500 females in five provinces of Afghanistan namely:

  1. Kabul
  2. Hirat
  3. Balkh
  4. Kandahar
  5. Nangrahar

The skills participants were trained on were as below:

  1. Tailoring
  2. Embroidery
  3. Fishing
  4. Poultry

The first round of the course was on soft skills and the second round was totally dedicated to vocational training activities.

The first round was from September 04-November 16,2023 and the second round was from November 25,2023 and ended on January 25,2024.

Under tailoring, participants were trained on:

  1. Party Dresses
  2. Panjabi
  3. Hijab
  4. Children Clothes
  5. Afghan Gand
  6. Shirt Models


Materials utilized during vocational training events were as below:

  1. Tailoring machine
  2. Sissor and cutter
  3. Measuring scale
  4. Shaper
  5. L Scale
  6. Art Curve
  7. Tracing wheel
  8. Thimble etc
  9. Scotch tape
  10. White board
  11. Marker
  12. Scissors

The vocational training project was funded by IFRC and with coordination support of Afghan Red Crescent.

Rokyan is hub for different vocational training events within Afghanistan and you can always reach them to implement your requests in best possible ways.