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Rokyan Celebrates Int'l HR Day

Rokyan Celebrates Int'l HR Day

Rokyan celebrated HR Int’l day together with partners in Kabul, Afghanistan. Globally, this day is celebrated on May 20 to recognise the efforts and values of HR individuals of organisations. 

As Afghanistan is currently facing a severe challenge of brain drain, the celebration of this day was to give a message to corporate, NGO and government sectors a message to take care of their HR capacities, train and equip them and assure them to stay within country. Create an environment which can lead to the development and attraction of brains.  The day is celebrated on the occasion that the country is suffering loss of brains; technical individuals are migrating or leaving the country due to whatever reasons are. 

We are requesting all organizations to celebrate this wonderful day within the domain of their facilities and possibilities by:

  1. Recognizing their HR efforts by organizing recognition events
  2. Capacitating them by offering multiple capacity development programs because investment in staff will always have return in better implementation, achieving organizational goals and setting a competitive edge
  3. Create awareness that HR is an important assets of any organization, country which can by any mean bring value

The event provided ground for the speakers to share their valuable speeches, and showcase the importance of the day. 

We are thankful to all those who joined us and gave us hand to celebrate it together!