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Rokyan Management Consultancy International FZE: Testimonial

Head Office +93 (0) 77 18 48 147

Dubai, UAE

08.00 to 16.00 Monday to Sat Day

Obaidullah Zadran, Public Process Services Simplification Specialist, Asan Khedamt.

RMC Provided very helpful training to us, as i experienced with RMC the training was wonderful. RMC trainers think and train in different ways as compared to other training that i have received till time from different organizations

Mohammad Edriss “Yousufy” Finance Manager for Care of Afghan Families (CAF)

have had a very significant precious memorable time and a valuable learning session with RMCI participating in International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) Istanbul Turkey. Moreover, the management made by RMCI for conducting the training was incredibly fantastic and highly professional. Additionally, the trainer hired was much professional and highly qualified and meanwhile, the training I got was totally relevant to my field of work and profession. I extensively use the learnt materials in my daily and routine activities.

Faisal Mohabat, MSP-Mobile Salary payment project Manager-Asan khedmat-MCIT

I really feel inspire for the first time I gone through RMC and I have participated in project Management team building & leadership training -August 2018 in Istanbul turkey. I want to pull out three main points during my course time with RMC. 1. RMC has an absolute great and outstanding customer services standard along with warm hospitality. 2: Very professional and skilled full update trainers, the way of explanation was like an act of injecting something in mind. 3: The sight view of historic Istanbul and explanation of great Turkish culture by RMC was really superb.

Dilorom Ashurova, Contracts Specialist, Chemonics International Inc (USAID, Feed the Future

Procurement, Contracts Management & Negotiation Skills Rokyan Management Consultancy International is best learning platform for individual capacity building and professional development. The training which I attended was well organized with professional and experienced trainers, from whom I learned new tools and approaches for my carrier development. Professional trainers, new topics, new friends, interesting role plays and sightseeing to amazing places in Istanbul are very valuable.

Fazel Ahmad Ahmadi, Sr. Grants Officer, Internews International

I would like to thanks Rokyan Management Consultancy for its arrangements during the training it was the best; The whole program from the beginning to end was a sweet memory for me, the nice topics, kind trainers, exposure visits and wonderful facilitation; during this valuable program I gained a lot, new topics and new friends, thanks.

Obaidullah Ahmadi Welcome Officer, ICRC

I would like to thank Rokyan Management Consultancy International FZE for the most wonderful training. It was a fruitful and amazing time for me. Special thanks to Mr. Waris Barmak, Mr. Percin Imrek and Ms.Sebnem Gurun Ozeren for creating such a great environment to learn, where we were encouraged to express our own thoughts and opinions. Similarly, thanks to all our class fellow for making such a friendly environment. Wish you all more success

Ansarullah Amani Admin & Finance officer OFWMP

1- I have participated in Advance Public Financial Management & budgeting Training in February-2018 in Bangkook-Thailand. 2- RMC has great customer services standards and really people feel comfort while having program abroad. 3- I have got lots of great memories from my Thailand training that will never forget specially RMC counselor Samiul Elam he is professional and familiar counselor that I have ever seen and it worth to mentioned an excellent hospitality with great manner and places were shown in Thailand Training. I predict and wish prosperous future for RMC.

Ali Ahmad Shams/ Finance coordinator

I joined Public finance Management and Audit in Almaty Kazakhstan. RMC has good enough experience to prove its excellences, regarding training & development services in hard Competitive market. RMC has good organizer in Kazakhstan, moreover, it is needed to be stated here, and apart from facilitation the training quality is the prior to be Re-observed by RMC Decision making Committee.

Sayed Agha Noori Expended Program on Immunization National EPI/MoPH Admin Manager

با عرض سلام و ادب خدمت مسولین محترم شرکت روکیان و تمام تیم کاری شان امیدوارم صحتمند باشید بنده به عنوان یکی از اشتراک کنندگان کورس آموزشی مالی و منجمنت که نظر به تقاضای دفتر ملی معافیت کتلوی وزارت صحت عامه توسط شرکت شما از تاریخ 23 الی 28 جون 2018 در هوتل الماتا کشور قزاقستان راه اندازی گردیده بود چنین ابزار نظر مینمایم از ترتیب اسناد در افغانستان، تکمیل آن، توظیف شخص برای رهنمائی در میدان هوائی کابل، میدان هوائی الماتا، استقبال گرم از ما درانجا، رعایت تمام اصول کاری، انتخاب بهترین هوتل در موقعیت مناسب شهر، کیفیت درس ، انتخاب استادان با تجربه، توظیف بهترین شخص با بهترین اخلاق جهت فراهم سازی زمینه بهتر برای دروس ، فراهم آوری تسهیلات ترانسپورتی، توظیف شخص ذیل برای دیدن و رفتن به اماکن تاریخی، تفریحی و سایر اماکن دیدنی وبالاخری برگشت با عزت ما به افغانستان راضی بوده و آنچه را که برای ما انجام دادید بیشتر از توقع بوده و کاملا راضی هستیم.

Dr. Freba Azizi, Kabul Urban Health Project Manager, HealthNetTPO

Participated in Project Management, Financial Management and Communication” training in Dubai Great Eye-opener on how things should be done. Lots to take away and try to do better in the best possible way. I found the teachers were excellent, knowledgeable, resourceful and great fun, exactly what I needed to know. Really got me thinking about how I can work more effectively, indeed what I dreamed to see in Dubai, enjoyed.

Samsoor Rahat, Data Cell Manager, National Expanded Program on Immunization (NEPI), MOPH

I participated in M&E, Data Management & Analysis Training in Almaty, Kazakhstan. RMCI is the best and initiator consultancy in Afghanistan which provides real and qualitative services. Thanks from RMCI management team for their hard and honest services which provide qualitative trainings. Every moment of staying with RMCI was a memory for me.

Idrees Ahmad Haidarpoor Risk & TA Manager @ SCSA

I participated in Contract & Project Management training, Istanbul, Turkey. The only place for development and experiencing excellence and professionalism.Trainers were very experienced, professional and friendly, quick response was provided on the attendants’ feedback and the practical part of the training was best.

Toor Khan Shirzad MD. DPH-HM, Sr. Con. CHNE Prog., GIHS-MoPH, Afghanistan

Thanks for the RMC initiative since a few years for Afghans to build their capacity and improve themselves and then take strong steps towards develop of Afghanistan. I participated in Global Health MGT Practices/Turkey, Nov 9-18, 2017. It was very nice and compare to the previous years more standard and well organised.

Mohd. Yonus Popalzay Cap. Building Team- SPM Project (UNDP Afghanistan)

Best learning platform for Inst. development and indvd. capacity building. I ‘ve participated in a public Financial MGT & budgeting training seminar organized by RMC in Istanbul Turkey. The trainers were highly educated (PhD), & we had practical sessions with the best practices/lesson learned by internationally recognized institutions. It was great experience of prof. development.

Dr. Mehruddin SHAMS Monitoring Director Ministry of Public Health

I participated in M&E training Really the training quality,the trainers professionality and hospitality of RMCI was very well and the training was organised better than our expectations. I Congratulate RMCI colleagues for their hard work and wish them further success in the future.

Dr.Ihsanullah Shinwari, Nangarhar Hospital Director, HNTPO

I’ve received the PCM, proposal writing and report writing training through RMC, in Dubai. I thank RMCI for their complementary skills and initiative in the capacity building program for Afghans, this new service is intended to complement existing facilities. I have received many complimentary remarks from members those who have attended training courses or exposures visits through RMCI.

Abidullah Baidar,Internal Audit Supervisor, Da Afghanistan Bank

RMCI is one of the best educational Institutes among the training Institutes in Kabul, RMCI is playing a key role in providing professional Training. I have attended a workshop tile Attitude Building, Success Orientation and Leadership the training was very useful and also reading material was up to date. On the other hand RMCI has a great environment of Studying, during the workshop I have enjoyed and wish to participate in such Trainings and workshop in future.

Muhd. Suleman Zaheer, Finance Controller, HealthNet TPO

I’ve attended training “Team Building, Project Management & Financial Management” in April 2017 provided by RMCI. My experience with RMCI was very good. The trainers & MGT were very professional and there were number of opportunities to learn new things. The curriculum and material of training was very useful and was professionally designed for the training. I wish RMCI best of all their future endeavors and would love to participate in more trainings facilitated by Rokyan Management Consultancy