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Rokyan Management Consultancy International FZE: Testimonial

Head Office +93 (0) 77 18 48 147

Dubai, UAE

08.00 to 16.00 Monday to Sat Day

Asmatullah Zazai

Many many thanks from Rokyan Management Consultancy team for providing such a great and informative training to Azizi bank staffs. I really learnt massive things regarding banking sector. I hope this training will help me more in my professional life. Special thanks from respected Nasir Khan Nasiri and Amiri sahib for delivering such a useful lecture.

Abdul Wasay Hilaman

It was a great experience, the training and arrangement was more what we expected. Thanks to Rokyan and dear sir Samiul Elam I recommend Rokyand for best training plus expuore.

Hafiz Khan Haikalyar AWCC

It was the best training that I have never been experience before, Best Trainer Mr. Elam

Asadullah Qais Azizi Bank Kabul, Afghanistan

Asadullah Qais It has really enriched our knowledge ????????Thanks for giving us your valuable time and providing those precious information regarding customer service and other topics of Communication

Abdul Basir Yahya Welthungerhilfe (WHH), CRO office Kabul!

I would like to thank the RMC (Rokyan Management Consultancy) to create such as opportunities and great innovation at CSA, and also I would like to thank from Mr. Samiullah Elam for his great efforts, sincerity and efficient methods that he has reflected to participants regarding the PLCM. We sincerely wish RMC team, more success in their vision.

Mohammad Yousuf MAYAR FAS Program Assistant International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Herat

Professional Reporting and Networking Skills Training in Istanbul Turkey outstanding organization Very positive memory from your organization (specially from very respected man Mr Barmak) the trainers were excellent spicily Mr professor Aydin Serdar KURU we learn a lot from him

Safiullah Raihan Admin Officer MOPH

Sometimes the simplest things mean the most. I am so thankful for the service that your organisation provided. You’re a wonderful friend and coworker. so, i really enjoyed training with your organization specially with you.

Abdullah Ghafari, Senior Accountant, Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA)

Internal Control, Compliance, Financial and Operational (Dubai) High Quality Services with priority given to Client Satisfaction The trainers, training venue and facilities were of high quality. RMC’s facilitator was active and always tried to make the trip more and more enjoyable. Overall it was a wonderful experience and it wouldn’t have been possible without Rokyan Management Consultancy.

Sayed Jafar Sadat, Customer Service Officer Main Branch Afghanistan International bank(AIB)

It was great times one week training at RMC, And today we got our certificates. Thanks from AIB & RMC for providing & presenting Customer Service Training, we really learned many good things. A special thank from our dear Trainer Mr. Samiul Elam.

Camilla Mamadnazarova,Gender Specialist, Tajikistan Agriculture and Water Activity/TAWA implemented by Chemonics International and funded by USAID

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Rokyan Management Consultancy International FZE, especially to Mr. Barmak for organizing such an interesting and informative training on Project Management, Team Building and Leadership and Unconscious Bias, Women Empowerment and Leadership including the city tour that was so enjoyable and interesting. This training gave me the opportunity to meet professionals, very experienced, wonderful and very funny people ????, opportunity to make a new friendship and network, and a network that opens new opportunities.

Sworo Samuel Waran, WASH Technical Manager South Sudan, Mission Polish Humanitarian Action

Dear RMC team, we arrived safely to Juba, i want to say thank you all for the good coordination and your kindness, the training was really productive and beneficial. thanks again once more, Barman you are really super in Management, I have no wards for expressing my wards of happiness to you and our experts experience trainers handling, as i discussed with Barman, i promise to recommend partners in Juba (South Sudan) to consider sending their project staff for training to RMC, i will discuss this during our partners cluster meeting.

Hoshang Separ, Admin/Logistic Officer, GIZ SEDEP/GFA - SMG

Dear RMC Colleagues, Your excellent teaching skills and courteous personalities especially Mr. Elham has helped us tremendously through our journey at RMC in Tashkent. @Mr. Elham and all RMC supportive team! I have learned so much from you and I look forward to learning more. Thank you for being a remarkable teacher and I am very grateful to have you as a teacher/Trainer. Sincerely Yours,

Sharifullah MoosaKhail, Office Of Infrastructure USAID Afghanistan

Much appreciation for organizing such a greet and wonderful training in Tashkent,Uzbekistan from Sep 16-23,2018. It was a great experience from me for the first time as I had taken other training in different countries with different consultancy but Rokyan had a great effort for proper arrangement of logistics and training material in total we had no problem on the spot everything went will and organized specially a one day trip to Samarkand and the experts assigned as the trainers especially Mr. Elam and Mr. Abdullah Umarzai.

Sayed Agha Noori, Adimn & Finance Manager/MOPH

راه اندازی تریننگ متذکره که توسط شرکت روکیان و تحت نظر محترم سمیع الهام صاحب در کشور ازبکستان راه اندازی و موفقانه به پایا رسید، واقعا از لحاظ کیفیت و منجمنت بی نظیر بود. علاوه از تقدیم دروس توسط خود الهام صاحب که چهره تأثیر گذار و سایر استادان خارجی انجام یافت، برای ما سهولت های زیادی را نیز فراهم کردند از سیر های علمی و تفریحی، سرویس خوب، بهترین هوتل، غذا و اخلاق نیک شان یک جهان

Abdul Samad Mahmoodi, Finance Officer, GIZ SEDEP-GFA

Thank you very much from RMC for making this event which became a team wish the best for all the team and hope to be in contact with all.

Ajmal Khaliqi, Deputy Head of Programs, Integrity Watch Afghanistan

Thank you Elam Sahib for the good and Enjoyable training. we learned a lot and enjoyed a lot. thanks from all RMC staff which they always tried to conduct the good trainings

Nisar Ahmad Hassan, Public Services Process Simplification Specialist, Asan Khedmat

What differentiated Rokyan for me from other training providing agencies that i have been fortunate enough to be part of, is the relaxing and friendly environment that provides leniency to not just trainees, but trainers as well. Rokyan tried their best to provide all the facilities to the best of their abilities and i beleive they succeeded in providing an amazing training in a great environment. I do not think i can chose any specific memory from the training as it was a wholesome experience in it’s entirety. Barmak Sahib (representing Rokyan) gave us an experience of lifetime. more than a guide or responsible entity, Mr. Barmak engulfed us with his friendship and warmth which made the experience even more enjoyable. I believe that speaks volume about Rokyan and its Team.

Mohammad Akram Babakarkhail Logistic Manager Care of Afghan Families (CAF)

There is number of consultancy companies in the region who provides same services as Rokyan Management Consultancy provides and I have joined some of them in the past years. RMC is different from others, they think different and conduct the learning events with their unique method. I have unforgivable memories from the learning session (Procurement, Contract Management & Negotiation Skill) that was conducted by them in Turkey in August 2018. They scheduled the training in way that we could learn different things in addition to the training outline. Professional trainers with relevant experience was selected for the event. What I learned can be easily applied in my professional and personal life.