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Duration: 08 Days

Venue: Istanbul, Turkey

Total Investment: 3,790 USD




By the end of the course, participants will be able to:


Determine pragmatic methods for effective problem solving

Appreciate the impact of personality on creativity, decision making & problem solving process

Develop strategies for creating a positive work environment

Recognise differing behavioural styles & learn to adapt to build lasting rapport

Understand your key roles in encouraging & developing your staff thru the power of personal motivation & effective communication



 How to Build Lasting Rapport


The art of building lasting rapport

How to identify behavioural traits and react to them

How to modify your own behaviour to match other’s

Sharpen your senses to the signals others are sending you

Connect with colleagues and clients at a level that creates deeper trust and commitment

Read body language in order to understand how others are thinking and responding to you

 Self-Awareness: How to Gain a Greater Understanding of Yourself


Key concepts of NLP and Emotional Intelligence

Connecting your feelings for greater self awareness

Eliciting emotions

Noticing your unconscious messages and following your intuitions

Self-talk and what it means

Internal and external referencing

 Crystal Clear Communication


Powerful listening and questioning techniques

Thinking and language patterns


Perceptual positions

Climates of trust

Well formed outcomes

 Empathy: The Ability to Understand Situations from Another’s Perspective


Review how to sharpen your senses to the signals others are sending you

Communicating first impressions - the secrets of body language

How we communicate

Filters to communication

Learning Styles

Modelling: how others do things

 Motivation: How to get the most from Yourself and Other


Logical levels of change

The importance of values in motivation

Eliciting values for yourself and your organisation

Setting goals that motivate

Creating a positive future for your organisation

Testing your well-formed outcomes

Advanced Problem Solving & Decision Making


Decision Making and Problem Solving – Symbiotic Partners 


Leadership and the dynamics of decision making

21st century Leadership - “decision architects” of future performance

Impacting variables: values, bias and hubris in seeking ethical solutions

Personality Type and cognitive preferences in decision making

Psychometric assessment on your problem-solving preferences

“Collective wisdom” a structured process for grounded solutions

Applying Structured Techniques to Organisational Issues


How well do I solve problems? outcomes and personal cognitive strengths

Using the “whole brain” to make rational, informed and balanced decisions

Flexibility on leadership and thinking; opening the mind to new ideas

A structured model for problem solving; balancing logic and emotional responses

Unexpected events that destroy equilibrium; the unpredictable factor

Dynamic Tension, Decision Making, Newton’s Laws and the Management of Change

The Quest for Continuous Improvement – A Journey not a Destination


Encouraging creative problem solving for continuous improvement

Appreciative Enquiry and a focus on positive dialogues

Solution Focus methodology: a transformational tool for business dialogues

Diagnostic tools for identifying and addressing organisational issues

TRIZ: Applying techniques to innovate and improve process and product

Capturing the creative capacity of the millennial generation

Building Creative Capability in Self, Others and the Wider Organisation


“How creative am I”? Challenging self-imposed assumptions

Beware the creative introvert: the “ENIGMA” of the quiet, awkward individual

Where do good ideas come from? “Imagineering”: current examples from technology

“Curiosita”: multiple intelligences and lessons from Leonardo da Vinci

Fostering and facilitating organisational innovation

Building the creative organisation: a menu for good leadership practice

Creative leadership dialogues to influence, persuade and align your people

The Creative Leader in the Innovative Organisation


Leadership style, cognitive processes decision-making outcomes

Enhancing Serendipity

Ensuring alignment with corporate mission

Assessing creativity in your organisation and identifying “roadblocks”

Establishing "innovation champions"; a strategy for promoting innovation and change

Designing a personal plan for innovation in the workplace