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Idrees Ahmad Haidarpoor Risk & TA Manager @ SCSA

I participated in Contract & Project Management training, Istanbul, Turkey. The only place for development and experiencing excellence and professionalism.Trainers were very experienced, professional and friendly, quick response was provided on the attendants’ feedback and the practical part of the training was best.

Toor Khan Shirzad MD. DPH-HM, Sr. Con. CHNE Prog., GIHS-MoPH, Afghanistan

Thanks for the RMC initiative since a few years for Afghans to build their capacity and improve themselves and then take strong steps towards develop of Afghanistan. I participated in Global Health MGT Practices/Turkey, Nov 9-18, 2017. It was very nice and compare to the previous years more standard and well organised.

Mohd. Yonus Popalzay Cap. Building Team- SPM Project (UNDP Afghanistan)

Best learning platform for Inst. development and indvd. capacity building. I ‘ve participated in a public Financial MGT & budgeting training seminar organized by RMC in Istanbul Turkey. The trainers were highly educated (PhD), & we had practical sessions with the best practices/lesson learned by internationally recognized institutions. It was great experience of prof. development.

Dr. Mehruddin SHAMS Monitoring Director Ministry of Public Health

I participated in M&E training Really the training quality,the trainers professionality and hospitality of RMCI was very well and the training was organised better than our expectations. I Congratulate RMCI colleagues for their hard work and wish them further success in the future.

Dr.Ihsanullah Shinwari, Nangarhar Hospital Director, HNTPO

I’ve received the PCM, proposal writing and report writing training through RMC, in Dubai. I thank RMCI for their complementary skills and initiative in the capacity building program for Afghans, this new service is intended to complement existing facilities. I have received many complimentary remarks from members those who have attended training courses or exposures visits through RMCI.

Abidullah Baidar,Internal Audit Supervisor, Da Afghanistan Bank

RMCI is one of the best educational Institutes among the training Institutes in Kabul, RMCI is playing a key role in providing professional Training. I have attended a workshop tile Attitude Building, Success Orientation and Leadership the training was very useful and also reading material was up to date. On the other hand RMCI has a great environment of Studying, during the workshop I have enjoyed and wish to participate in such Trainings and workshop in future.

Mr.Nazir Durani, HR/Admin Officer, NRC

RMC’s delightful staff & their professional attitude, attention to detail, relaxing environment, their efforts to provide the best possible services make them the top consultancy service providers in Afghanistan.I was part of a training program held in Dec 2016 in Dubai, RMC provided the best training. Group work & discussions are important part of their trainings. December is always a peak time in terms of tourism in Dubai especially, the RMC team arranged the Desert Safari followed by a surprising New Year’s Eve party which I enjoyed a lot.

Muhd. Suleman Zaheer, Finance Controller, HealthNet TPO

I’ve attended training “Team Building, Project Management & Financial Management” in April 2017 provided by RMCI. My experience with RMCI was very good. The trainers & MGT were very professional and there were number of opportunities to learn new things. The curriculum and material of training was very useful and was professionally designed for the training. I wish RMCI best of all their future endeavors and would love to participate in more trainings facilitated by Rokyan Management Consultancy

Dr. Muhammad Naseem , Managing Director , HealthNet TPO

I participated in Financial management, leadership and management, RMCI is a a professional Organization which enables the people beyond capacity building Very pleasant, professional and flexible facilitators for training , especially will mention his name- Waris Barmak. the trainers selected are always professional and on the top of their topics.

Ab. Waheed Aman, Construction & Irrigation Engineer, AAIP,MAIL

I joined STAAD Pro training of RMCI in India. I learned so many technical tools within this training which are useful for my job and further development. RMCI facilitated the services in a very friendly environment. I encourage other fellows from different organizations to take RMCI capacity development services. We are really impressed the way you professionally deal and handle the things.

Ahmad Farid Fayez Husseini, Monitoring & Performance Advisor, MoPH

Ahmad Farid Fayez Husseini, Monitoring & Performance Advisor, MoPH Rokyan management consultancy are the best one international training provider with strong and proactive management, the training logistic service was excellent, the training timeline was met based on schedule, training center environment was very good with outside and inside view, transportation of training was excellent on time and service, tour visit was will not deleted from memory in life of years, Topic and material of training was very useful and supportive on practical working, the trainers of training was very high level with friendship discussion, the training was very comprehensive and practical

Aziz A. Orya, Manager of Broadcasting & Public Relations at MOLSAM

I participated in 3 courses organized by RMCI. Mr. Elam who conducted some sessions with us were highly attractive and adding value to learning. His usage of body language was highly impressive.

Parviz Yakubov, M&E Specialist, USAID TB Control, Tajikistan

My name is Parviz Yakubov, M&E Specialists, USAID TB Control Program/Project HOPE, based in Tajikistan. I participated in Result Based M&E, Almaty, Kazakhstan (July 8-13,2017) The training was High-level organized training taught me a lot of new and useful for my position methods and tools for providing M&E services to my organization. Beside of well-organized training curriculum, organizer conducted a lot of sightseeing for the participants for free

Hamim Jalalzai, Communication Coordinator, NHLP, MAIL

I recently joined a training event in Almaty, Kazakhstan. I am really impressed by Rokyan management style and high level discipline along with advanced training materials and professional trainers. While being with Rokyan, we visited a charity center for children and adult with a special need in Almaty. This was a good initiative that can copy and applied here in Afghanistan. During our visit, we realized that every human being has capacity to learn something, but needs motivation and attention.

Khesrow Momand, Budget Coordination Unit Manager, SCA

Khesrow Momand, Budget Coordination Unit Manager, Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) Financial Management & Audit, Istanbul Turkey. I found the customer service and external liaison of RMC to the mark! While the training package price that RMC provides are extremely competitive indeed. The overall training session was interesting. And I’m really impressed from the highly qualified trainers of RMC. The exposure and tours that RMC provides are amazing, excellent and unforgettable memories.

Hafeez Ullah Shah, Sr. Finance Officer, Asia Foundation

Rokyan Consultancy Services provided training which I needed to do my job better. I learnt useful and productive information from intelligent Turkish scholars over there. We also enjoyed outside of the training class as well. This was really friendly environment and well organized by RMC. I really appreciate RMC and encourage my others Afghans to join with RMC in coming future.

Obaidullah Safar, HR Senior Officer, Swedish Committee for Afghanistan

Thank you for giving us this opportunity, we are delighted to express our positive feelings about the trainings experience we had with RMC in Nov, 2016. We are really impressed with your training method, materials, trainer and most importantly the participatory approach where everyone equally contributed and learnt. Below are the requested information.

Hashim Amiri Finance/HR Manager, AICS

RMC online system is much faster and on time, whenever we approached, we received on time response which give us more satisfaction and save our time, means (time value for us) d. During the training in which I participated, SHRM, really and to be honest, I learnt professionally HR and mostly being a Finance person, for me HR accounting was an extra learning point.