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Dubai, UAE

08.00 to 16.00 Monday to Sat Day


Rokyan has successfully conducted 5 rounds of

training activities on Customer Service (CS)

to Afghanistan International Bank (AIB) employees.


The training was mainly focusing on:

Session 01: Attitude

Session 02: Communication

Session 03: Body Language

Session 04: Presentation Skills

Session 05: How to handle questions

Session 06: Emails Development

Session 07: Telephonic Techniques  

Session 08: Marketing Vs Selling

Session 09: Cross Selling Vs Upselling

Session 10: Different Types of Customers

Session 11: Selling Techniques

Session 12: Characteristics of Sales Agents

Session 13: Time Management

Session 14: Stress Management

Session 15: Acceptance Management

Total (number of participants) got trained.

 The training was conducted on daily basis

from 09:00-16:00.


Training was highly practical. During the t

raining, number of games, practical group works,

and presentations were led by the trainers.

Participants were active and responsive.

They demanded the continuation of the training series.

 They praised the services offered during the training by Rokyan team.


The training will continue for another ten rounds In Sha Allah.

Rokyan has been training choice of many organizations in:

a.          Afghanistan

b.          Tajikistan

c.          South Sudan

d.          Eritrea

e.          Liberia

f.           Yemen

g.          Iraq