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Rokyan launched 3 days training on Human Resources Management 101.

The training took place from August 

12-14,2018 in Kabul, Afghanistan. Participants joined the course from:

b.         Aga Khan Educational Services (AKES)a.          AIB

c.          Healthnet TPO

d.         Cure Hospital

One individual from Da Qanoon Ghookhtonki was offered a free seat within the course. Major topics discussed in the course were as below:


a.          Staffing

b.         Different Types of interviews

c.          Screening CV’s

d.         HR Trends in 2018

e.          Attendance Management

f.            Disciplinary Issues

g.         Diversity Management

h.         Compensation Management

i.            HR Functions

j.            HR Structure

k.         How to conduct interviews

l.            Performance Review

m.      Workload Management

n.         Competencies

Consideration while selection

During the training, participants had number of group works and practices on: 

a.          Screening

b.         Interviewing skills

c.          Performance review

d.         HR Structure


Training was rated highly satisfactory and very much important by participants. They demanded extension of the training to one week!e.          HR Functions


Very active participants were awarded gifts by end of training.



Active Participant:

Mr. Mohammad Ismail Sharifi who has been working as Regional HR Officer with AKES was awarded the very active participant of HRM 101 class.


He actively conducted interviews, prepared checklists for interviews, provided logical ideas and always followed official attire during the three days training.