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Evidence Based Advocacy Tools Training in Almaty

Rokyan conducts a training on Evidence Based Advocacy Tools and Techniques and Monitoring Requirement.


The training was supported by Healthnet TPO and was actually done for Ministry of Public Health Afghanistan.


The training was designed for total of 06 working days. As previously coordinated with Healthnet TPO, the training to be taking place in Almaty, Kazakhstan. However, it got delayed due to the visa issue.


Kazakhstan visa, since the closing of Expo 2017 which took place in Astana became more problematic and time consuming.


The strongest point with Rokyan is, once it promises to conduct the training, it does it at any cost.


The training was 50% class based and 50% full practice. Theory was placed at the beginning of the training and the practical working days were scheduled by end of the week.


During the practical visits, the trainees visited Kinsas. Almaty based NGO which is working with disabilities.


During the visit, they were exposed to models of works implemented by the NGO and how that model can be copied into Afghanistan.


The second visit was to Eye Research Institute of Almaty. They welcomed the team and delivered a comprehensive presentation on their activities, achievements and lessons learnt.


Further, they had allocated time to have Afghan delegation acquainted with the technology that is under use esp. in Almaty and overall in Kazakhstan.


The training was well organized and lead by number of trainers from Kazakhstan with vast working and training experience in Evidence Based Advocacy and Health Management of Kazakhstan.


Training got ended on July 26,2018 by awarding certificates and honorary gifts to all individuals.