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July 26,2018 was a remarkable day in the history of Rokyan Management Consultancy International FZE—H.E Ministr of Information and Technology Mr. Shahzad Aryobee visited Rokyan-Kabul office.


The visit was to honor the closing ceremony of a training on “ Effective Communication, Customer Behavior and Sales Management”.


The training took place from July 21-26,2018 in Rokyan Kabul office. Participants who joined the training were employees of Afghan Telecom.


Rokyan trained 46 employees of Afghan Telecom under comprehensive training outlines for six days on daily basis.


The trainees were divided into two batches of senior and junior and different training crews were assigned to them.


The minister’s delegation was composed of:

a.          Sir Ajmal Ayan, CEO, Afghan Telecom

b.         Mr. Ehsanullah CoS, Ministry of Information and Technology

c.          Mr. Zabihullah Wardak, HR Director

d.         Mr. Azizullah Seyar Zaland, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Information and Technology

e.          Ms. Hassina Alam, the Training Manager, Afghan Telecom


Training events were organized in away in which there was always chance for participants to:

a.          Test themselves

b.         Expose to challenges and learning opportunities on daily basis

c.          Practice what they are learning lively and lovely

d.         Get engaged into experience generating exercises

During the training sessions, all active participants were awarded so that the others could be convinced to be more effective on the next day.


His Excellency Minister of Information and Technology was not scheduled to participate in the closing ceremony, however, he showed enough kindness and sympathy to honor and support his team members and colleagues and give them additional value by awarding the certificates.


In his speech, H.E. Minister insisted on the importance of capacity building and re-assured the Afghan Telecom colleagues that there will be more capacity building and learning opportunities both in short terms and long terms.


H.E. Minister insisted on the value of trainings and how they have to be applied back to the daily operations.


Sir Ajmal Ayan, CEO Afghan Telecom explained his enthusiasm and plans for the capacity building of Afghan Telecom employees. He thanked the HR Director and Training Manager each Zabihullah Wardak Saheb and Hassina Alam  respectively for their efforts and hard work to have the training implemented effectively.

On behalf of Rokyan, we are really thankful to all above colleagues and team members for being so kind, effective and supportive during the training implementation.


Rokyan promised to be extending its capacity building support to Afghan Telecom in different areas and will offer them seats in different national and international training activities