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In this workshop, you will learn to:

·         Assess your existing business writing skills and pinpoint areas for improvement

·         Use a consistent framework to quickly organize content

·         State your purpose clearly up front, and ask readers for action

·         Decide what information and how much detail to include

·         Use a positive tone to build and maintain good relationships

·         Energize your writing by using a clear, concise style

·         Use writing strategies to influence or persuade

·         Identify and correct common grammar mistakes that erode your credibility

·         Edit your own documents



·         Reading Behavior in the real world Vs online

o   5 major differences between online writing and print

o   the keys to understand you audience

o   3 Questions to Address with your writing

o   communication triangle

o   Who Are You Writing To? Creating Readers Avatar

o   Writing with Purpose

o   Who are you? Finding Your Voice


·         How to Create Connections

o   Reasons to connect with Your Readers

o   3 Infallible steps to creating instant connection

o   Golden Ratio of Trust: Give First


·         Intelligent Creation of Micro-Content

o   6 Rules for Creating Eye-Catching Headlines

o   Do’s and Don’ts of Headlines

o   20 Best Headlines formulas that work


·         The Ninja Tricks of Email Writing

o   Is  Email a Dying Species

o   Getting Your Email Opened: Writing a Compelling Subject Line

o   How to Make Your Subject Line Spam-filter-Proof?

o   Having Your Email Read: 5 Must Follow Rules of Email Writing

o   Double Check Your Message: The Three U Criteria

Effective Email Writing:

·         Business Messages within an organizations:

·         E1. Letters/EmailsE2. MemosE3. Reports

·         Beware Potential Perils

·         Deciding When to Use E-Mail

·         Addressing Your E-Mail Message

·         Replying to Your E-Mail Messages

·         E-Mailing to International Audiences

·         Email is never secure: Establishing your Security

·         Smoking gun-email triggers workplace lawsuit

·         Productivity is lost when cyber-slackers log on!

·         Email misuse and abuse may get you fired

·         E-mail can be embarrassing

·         E-mail abuse impacts revenues and also reputations

·         Security breaches cost dollars and jobs

·         Your employer may sue you

·         10 Common email bad habits that waste

·         Addressing

·         Subject Line

·         Message Text

·         Signature Line

·         Attachments

·         Styles

·         Confidentiality and security

·         Managing emails


Report Writing:

a.      Report Writing

b.      Definition: Report Writing

c.       Rationale of Writing

d.      Types of Report


e.       Report Types:

a.      Short Reports

                                                              i.      Progress Report

                                                            ii.      Conference Report

                                                          iii.      Periodic Reports 

b.      Long Reports

f.       Suggestions for Short Reports

g.      Long Reports

h.      Parts of Longer Report

a.      Prefatory Parts

1.      Cover

2.      Title Fly

3.      Title Page

4.      Executive Summary

5.      TOCs

6.      Acknowledgement

7.      Letter of Authorization

8.      Letter of Acceptance

9.      Transmittal

10.  List of Tables

11.  List of Maps

12.  List of Figures

13.  List of Acronyms

14.  List of Abbreviations


b.      Body Parts

                                                              i.      Introduction

                                                            ii.      Scope

                                                          iii.      Limitations

                                                          iv.      Stories/narration/examples/ statistics

                                                            v.      Conclusion

                                                          vi.      Summary

c.       Supplementary Parts

                                                              i.      Appendixes

                                                            ii.      Annexes

                                                          iii.      Indexes

i.        Building Reports

j.        Presentation


Networking Skills:

How to create a good network?

Links to influence

·         Importance of Networking

·         When and where networking take place

·         How to prepare for networking event?

·         Key Elements of Elevator Speech

·         Conversation Starter

·         Do’s and Dont’s of networking

·         Networking and social media

·         Using social media as networking tool



“Luck” Links to network




08 Days


Istanbul, Turkey

Date  : Sep 25- Oct 02, 2018


Total Investment/Head:

3,490 USD which covers:

a.       Training

b.      Training materials

c.       Certificate

d.      Round trip tickets

e.       Accommodation

f.       Breakfast, lunch and refreshment

g.      Visa facilitation