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Rokyan Conducted around five training activities within April, 2018 which are as below in Istanbul, Turkey


a.           Operations and Administrative Skills MGT for UNOCHA

b.           Public Financial MGT and Audit/IFRS for clients representing Asian Development Bank, UNDP, ICRC and

         CoAR, AKDN-Tajikistan

c.           Project MGT, Team Building and Climate 

d.           Modern Hospital Management for CHA-AfghanistanChange for team representing Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation                 and Livestock (MAIL)- Afghanistan, MSI

e.           Tendering, Procurement and Contract MGT Skills for First Microfinance Bank


: April 25, 2018, Tajikistan

Closing: May 02, 2018

Trainings were facilitated by senior professors from:

a.           BAU

b.           Marmara University

c.           Training consultancies trainers from with Istanbul

d.           Experienced consultants

In addition to the class activities, participants were taken on an exposure visit to:

a.           Marmary Tunnel which is under water tunnel connecting Asian Istanbul with European one

b.            Attasheher Beladyasi (Municipality)

c.            Medicine Hospital

d.           Marmara University Solar Energy Projects

During the exposure, they were allowed to ask questions, discuss the success of the projects and how they were achieved to produce the required results.

Participants gained the necessary knowledge on the success of projects implemented in Istanbul and how they would be replicated back to Afghanistan.

Classes were full of activities, group works and discussions. Besides, the exposures and class based activities, participants were scheduled to visit:

a.           Bosporus

b.           Asian Side

c.            Sultan Ahmet Cami

d.           Turkish Night

e.           Istanbul Mall

f.             Axis Mall

g.           Princes Island

h.           Taksim

i.              Galata Tower

j.              Eminino

Participants appreciated the great work done by Rokyan and thanked them for all the:

a.           Arrangements

b.           Visa facilitation

c.            Airport pick and drops

d.           Study and Tours