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In order to know whether the projects are designed, planned and implemented exactly they were to be, it is necessary to have strong M&E unit and individuals who better understand the concepts of Monitoring and Evaluation.

The two-day course was wholly and solely discussing the frameworks, indicators and planning Monitoring and Evaluation.

Brief Intro to Training:

Training on: Monitoring and Evaluation 101

VenueRokyan Management Consultancy

Duration2 Working Days  

Sessions: Full Day

Clients: UN HABITAT, Integrity Watch Afghanistan, Health Net TPO

Commencement: May 08, 2018

Closing: May 10, 2018



By the end of this workshop, the participants will be able to:

  • Management Function
  • Basic of Project Management Cycle
  • Controlling
  • Tools of Controlling

·              Monitoring


·              M&E Fundamentals

·              Basic M&E Concepts:

·              Definition: Monitoring

·              Definition: Evaluation

·              Definition: Controlling

·              M VS E:VS Controlling

·              Importance of M&E

·              When should M&E take place?


·              M&E Plans

·              The M&E Plan

·              Why are M&E Plans Important?

·              M&E Plan Components:

o   Elements of M&E Plan

o   Indicators

o   Characteristic of Indicators

o   Data collection plan

o   Plan for monitoring

o   Plan for evaluation

o   Elements of M&E Plan

·              Frameworks:

·              What are frameworks?

·              Conceptual framework

·              Frame Works Types and design

·              Result framework

·              Types of Controlling

·              Why Monitoring

·              Why Evaluation

·              Monitoring and Evaluation

·              Criteria of Evaluation

·              Types of Evalution

·              Evaluation Questions

·              Monitoring or Evaluation

·              Common Problem in project M&N

·              Data Collection

·              M&E Tools

Data Sources, Data Collection

·              Data Sources:

·              Data Vs Information

·              Data Collection Techniques

·              Using these data Gathering Methods

·              Questionnaire

·              Data Quality Standards

·              Data Collection Methods

·              Data Quality

·              Data Use


  • Responsibilities of M&E Team

·              The manager

·              The support team: Data collectors, data analyst, data entry team

  • Reporting Data:

·              Effective Reports

·              Parts of Report·              Types of Reports

  • Community Based Program Implementation M&E
  • Data Analysis
  • Research Based M& E
  • New Software M&E
  • Presentation:
  • Effective Presentation Skills
  • Preparations
  • Report Writing
  • Managing Stress     

Training Methodologies:

Rokyan applied internationally acceptable and common methods to run the training practically such as

  1. Presentations
  2. Case Studies
  3. Brainstorming
  4. Lectures
  5. Exercises
  6. Participatory


    1. Talented trainer
    2. Learning oriented participants
    3. Practical works