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RMCI conducted “Monitoring & Evaluation, Data Management and Analysis” training in Almaty, Kazakhstan to employees of EPI Project, Ministry of Public Health, Afghanistan

Duration: 05 Days

Commencement: March 10, 2018

Ending: March 14, 2018


Venue: Almaty Hotel, Almaty 

Funded by: EPI Project, Ministry of Public Health

Implemented by: Rokyan Management Consultancy International FZE 

Total Participants: 07        

Proceedings of the Training: 

The training commenced with the introduction of:

  1. Kazakhstan
  2. Training 
  3. Trainers 
  4. Facilitators 

It was followed by “Registration” and “Pre-Test”. The trainer, Ms. Zhuldyz Orazay conducted an ice-breaking activity in which participants un-zipped their mouths about:

  1. Their expectations 
  2. Class rules and regulations 
  3. Objectives

After that, the training was started and different topics such as:


·         M&E Fundamentals

·         Basic M&E Concepts

·         M&E Plans

·         Frameworks

·         Indicators

·         Data Sources, Data Collection:

·         Responsibilities of M&E Team

·         Reporting Data:

·         Community Based Program Implementation M&E

·         Impact based M&E

·         Communication and Advocacy M&E

·         Data management process

·         Data Analysis

·         Research Based M&E

·         New Software M&E

·         Presentation


Were discussed in detail.


Group Works:

  • Participants were involved in different group works, such as: developing M&E plan for their organization
  • Finding the points which were strong, weak in their M&E system of organization
  • Prepare M&E report
  • Present their report

Exposure visits:

  • Participants were taken to Ken Disable NGO in Almaty to share their:

a.       Experiences

b.       Knowledge

c.       Understandings and

d.       Copy best practices of their M&E and data collection system

  • Also, they were taken to different historical and famous places in Almaty


At the end participants were able to:


·         How to set indicators

·         How to plan M&E

·         To recognize different M&E Frameworks

·         How to collect data

·         Understand Community Based Program Implementation M&E

·         Develop Impact based M&E

·         To understand Communication and Advocacy M&E

·         Analyze Data

·         Conduct Research Based M& E

·         Learn more about New Software of M&E

·         How to report and deliver presentation

·         How to develop and structure clear reporting processes that offer evidence for management decision- making

·         How to develop competency to collect, analyze and present M&E findings for different audiences

·         Understand how to link M&E findings to policy development processes