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Rokyan conducted one day training to one of the finishing AJIS of IDLO which covered subjects such as:

a.         CV Development

b.        Cover Letter Writing

c.         Presentation Skills

d.        Career Path Strategy

It was a refresher training for  the employees of  “Afghanistan Justice Institution Strengthening” (AJIS). AJIS is Netherlands-funded Program which is implemented by IDLO.

The training was initially scheduled to be held on March 19, however, it was delayed for one day and was re-scheduled on March 20,2018. 

During the training, participants were taught how to:

a.         Structure CV’s

b.        What to be covered Job or Career?

c.         How to write an impressive cover letter? Which important aspects shall be covered while writing a Cover Letter?

d.        Begin the speech

e.         Handle the stress before and during the speech

During the training, the trainer asked the participants to print out their both CV’s and Cover Letters so that the trainer can pick holes in their currently available documents and can guide them for the improvement.

Trainer, in order to teach them how to fish, explained the over all parts and formats of developing an effective official letters.

Though it was a ONE-Day session, the trainer tried to turn the training quite practical by holding many group works and practices.

As closing of the training, worked with participants how to deliver speeches.

During their presentations, trainer was listing both positive and contributing aspects of participants presentations so that he can give constructive feedback.

Participants praised the training and shared their valuable comments and feedback.

They were impressed being trained both efficiently and effectively.

The training was closed by awarding Certificate of Participation to all individuals in the training.