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Duration: 03 Days 

Commencement: March 12, 2018

Ending: March 14, 2018 

Venue: Park Star Hotel, Kabul, Afghanistan 

Funded by: IDLO 

Implemented by: Rokyan Management Consultancy International FZE 

Total Participants: 

Proceedings of the Training: 

The training commenced with the introduction of:

  1. Training 
  2. Trainers 
  3. Facilitators 
  4. Logistical team by the Project Head of IDLO, Mr. Allan Dahi. 

It was followed by “Registration” and “Pre-Test”. The trainer, Mr. Elam conducted an ice-breaking activity in which participants un-zipped their mouths about:

  1. Their expectations 
  2. Class rules and regulations 
  3. Probable learnings 

Soon after this activity, the trainer opening the discussion by definin

g the word “Management” and went into details on: 

  • Management Functions 
  • Planning 
    • Planning Types 
    • Process 
    • Gantt Chart
  • Leadership
    • Types of Leadership 
    • How to be an effective leader 
  • Decision Making 
    • Decision Making process 
  • Communication:
    • Different types of messages 
    • Body language 
    • Communication barriers 
    • Presentation Skills 
    • Types of presentations 
    • How to manage stress before delivering speech 
  • Meeting management 
    • Agenda development 
    • Managing meetings 
    • Managing difficult employees and employees who are always trying to command others 

Group Works:

  • SWOT Analysis: 
    • Participants were involved in different group works to conduct a SWOT analysis for their organizations and find the points which are strong, weak. Point out opportunities for their organizations and threats which may lead to the destruction of their organizations in the long run! Participants were informed to conduct both SWOT and PESTL simultaneously 
  • Plan Development: 
    • Second group work was the involvement of participants on DEVELOPMENT of the PLAN. Participants were asked how to set objectives, assess their resources and develop action plans 
  • Undesired Messages:
    • Participants on the second of the training were asked to generate list of Un-Desired messages which they normally face in the organization. And what to do to take corrective actions for their betterment. 

What will Participants do once they go back to their offices? 

  • Developing Gantt chart for each department 
  • Making their office more communicative
  • Hiring services of Staffing Consulting Services 
  • Applying motivation theories into their working environment 
  • Following up post training steps and coaching once the trainings are conducted.