Head Office +93 (0) 77 18 48 147

Dubai, UAE

08.00 to 16.00 Monday to Sat Day

Duration: 08 Days 
Venue: Istanbul, Turkey 
  1. ITF
  2. CoAR
  3. Chemonics International Tajikistan 
Commencement: February 27,2018 
Ending: March 06,2018
The training was led by RMCI’s two professional trainers each Mr. Percin Imrek and Mr. Samiul Elam. Operations and Administrative Skills Management is one of comprehensive training courses which cover major topics on:
  1. Filing 
  2. Inventory management 
  3. Asset Management 
  4. Supply chain management 
  5. Administrative Skills such as:
    • Communication 
    • Time management 
    • Stress management 
    • Negotiation Skills 
    • Administrative functions and responsibilities 
    • Understanding behaviour 
    • Interpersonal skills 
    • Leadership and team building 
    • Presentation skills 

Proceedings of the Training:
At really beginning, an ice-breaking activity was implemented in which the participants were able to get-known to each other and can better explore about the different nationalities of the participants who joined the course. Besides, trainer shared additional information about the cultures of the participants so that they find each other cozy being together for 8 days. 
Group Works:
Each day, the participants had effective practical days which were ended with learning, key action points and results leading to organisational problem solutions 
While Rokyan is facilitating Int’l training activities, normally RMCI is taking the participants to sister NGO’s in host country where participants 
  • exchange ideas and experiences
  • compare similar activities 
  • Copy best practices 
In addition, the participants were taken to
  •  Miniaturkey to see the expanded Turkey
  • Taksim 
  • Bosphorus tour 
  • Downtown visit 
Training was ended with award of certificates and gifts to participants.