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Rokyan Management Consultancy International FZE conducted an one -day training on Result Based Monitoring and Evaluation in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Training on: Result Based Monitoring and Evaluation

Venue: Rokyan Training Hall

Commencement: February 26, 2018

End: Sep. 26, 2018

Duration: 01 Day

Clients: Hand Cap International



Participants joined the course were from WHH, Disabled organizations, and MAIL. 

We are thankful to a senior colleague from On Form Project, MAIL. Mr. Rahmatullah Rahmani. He is Monitoring and Evaluation head of the organization. 

The training was scheduled on February 26, 2018. Total participants joined the course were about 22 individuals. 

Being a 101 course, it was an introductory course to focus on the fundamentals of Monitoring and Evaluation rather than going into depth of the matter. 

The course mainly discussed: 

a. Monitoring and Evaluation

b. Monitoring VS Evaluation 

c. Management Functions 

d. Controlling

e. Types of Controlling 

f. PLCM 


In addition, enough time was allocated to discuss with participants how to develop an effective method to monitor the projects participants are working on. 

Mr. Rahmatullah Rahmani who joined the training was valued as an asset of the training and he was chosen as team leader to work with participants and share his practices, experiences and way of doing so that the participants get benefit of his knowledge. 

His tolerance and sharing ideas were to be appreciated


By the end of this workshop, the participants will be able to:

  • Management Function
  • Controlling
  • Monitoring and Evolution
  • Result Based Monitoring
  • Result Based Monitoring and Evolution Terms 

·         Planning of Result Based Monitoring and Evolution

·         Develop Impact based M&E

·         To understand Communication and Advocacy M&E

·         Analyze Data

·         Conduct Research Based M& E

·         Learn more about New Software of  M&E

  • How to report and deliver presentation



  1. M&E Plan
  2. M&E Indicators
  3. M&E Frameworks
  4. Data Collection and Data Sources
  5. Responsibilities of M&E Team
  6. Community Based M&E
  7. Data Analysis
  8. Research Based M& E
  9. Data Reporting
  10. Presentation


How the participants would benefit the training:

Participants would be able:

    1. Develop M&E Plan
    2. Set Indicators
    3. How to collect data
  1. Conduct research
  2. Analyze data
  3. Report it accurately 


    1. Talented trainer
    2. Learning oriented participants
    3. Much more interesting and comprehensive outline
    4. Practical works