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Brief Intro:

Training Topic: Advanced Public Financial Management and Budgeting

Venue: Park Plaza Hotel in Bangkok Soi 18.

Commencement: February 10,2018

Ending: February 18,2018

Total Training Days: 08

Total Participants: 06


Rokyan Management Consultancy International FZE conducted an eight-days training on Advanced Public Financial Management and Budgeting in Bangkok, Thailand.


The training was from February 10-17,2018.


It was in Park Plaza Hotel in Bangkok Soi 18.


All participants joined the training were from OFWMP/MAIL. One of the leading entity operating in the structure of Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock’s.


The training covered the major aspects of:

a.        Accounting

b.        Financial Management

c.         Public Financial Management

d.        Budgeting  

e.        Standards of budget formulation

f.           Financial Evaluation Techniques

g.        Improving financial stability


Training was on daily basis from 10:00 AM till 4:30 PM. In order to improve participation, the training applied number of financial fun activities, case studies, problems and assign the participants with number of night shift practices which were relevant to the daily lessons.


In addition, course after action review was conducted and the ones who were attempting major questions and responding correctly to the problems, they were awarded.


Any participant making the highest number of stars by the end of the training, should have been awarded.


By the end of the training, two participants were highly appreciated among all six: Mr. Waseem Khan Khan and Mr. Ansarullah Amani.


Both of them have been working with OFWMP/MAIL in Balkh and Baghlan provinces of Afghanistan respectively.


Besides training, participants were taken on tour to the following venues:

a.        Pattaya City

b.        Floating Market

c.         Rose Garden

d.        Elephant Show

e.        Crocodile Show


As mostly participants are purchasing souvenirs and and family gifts, we scheduled them to:

a.        Pantip Plaza

b.        Big C

c.         Indira Market


We didn’t neglect their medical needs. Facilitated their visits to one of world-class hospital called Bumrungrad Hospital located in central downtown.


Overall the training was successfully completed with happiness, learning, and future-networking.


(place the normal methods we are applying)

Financial Management is a dry subject. It will be quite boring if the trainer goes slide by slide and continue with explanation. Rokyan’s training team designed the conduction in a way so that the participants from really beginning till end of the training do not feel bored or exhausted. All learning was turned and explained through playing games, presenting problems and case studies. Real problems discussion added another higher value to the training which participants appreciated a lot.


Honorary Dinners:

Dinner in Ramkhamhaeng Soi 124:

It is a new experience for the first time visitor to join a dinner in a place where the local Thai and Halal experiences come together.

This is the place where open buffet of raw meat is offered and every individual shall fry it for himself/herself.


Dinner in Arab Street:

For Afghans, the most difficult thing is to accommodate with local foods and it was once again proved in this visit that there is no change. Afghans, everywhere, looking for Afghan foods. Therefore, we organized second honrary dinner in an Arab restaurant which is offering halal cuisine with delicious tastes.



Besides collecting daily written feedback of the team, training crew was asking informally the feedback. Rokyan focuses a lot on feedback so that they can explore the hidden stories behind the bars and design the next day of the training much more better, knowledgeable and effective. 

Extra Efforts by Rokyan:

Rokyan is always adding value to training tours and exposures by adding extra efforts. They considered the extra efforts for this training too without making short.

a.           Thailand Visa:

Thailand visa is one of the complicated milestones to be secured. It takes 45 days and shall be processed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Thailand. In the second stage, passports of all individuals have to be taken to Islamabad, Pakistan to collect the sticker from the embassy.

b.           Facilitator’s travel with the team:


Whenever Rokyan is conducting a training abroad, a local facilitator who is responsible for logistics and support, travels with the team. Some times it comes as first experience of the participants travelling abroad or visiting a new country, therefore, local facilitator who has got international experience and is well aware of diverse culture is travelling for the comfort and better facilitation of the teams.