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08.00 to 16.00 Monday to Sat Day

It was not only a dinner, however, was a good mix of different activities under one umbrella.


Chief Guests:

a.          Dr. Mohammad Rasool Bawari, His Excellency Ministry of Culture and Information, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

b.         Mr. Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal, Ex Minister of Economy, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and party leader of Hezb-i-Islami Afghanistan



Every participant of the event was welcomed by senior staff or Rokyan Management Consultancy International from 4:00 PM-5:30 PM.


Every guest was to have the Rokyan badge on their shirt to officially endorse him as participant of the event.


The event officially opened directly after Maghrib prayer with the recitation of holy verses from Koran.


Samiullah Elam, Managing Director Rokyan, delivered an opening speech and welcomed the participants on behalf of Rokyan Management Consultancy International FZE. 


He shed light on the services of Rokyan within 2017, achievements and hurdles. In addition, explained the way forward in 2018.


Exposure visits organized by Rokyan Management Consultancy International during 2017 were focused a lot and it was decided to keep up the good work with better changes during the on-going year.


He well-explained the role of training providers and how the training consulting firms add value to both:

a.          Individuals and

b.         Organizations in terms of skills development.


He winded up his speech with two promised for 2018:

a.          Opening exam center

b.         And launching international conference events


His speech was followed by Dr. Khalid Fahim, the Operation Director of Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA).


Dr. Khalid Fahim admired the role of Rokyan Management Consultancy International FZE in terms of capacity building, changing the teaching and learning trend within the country and the promotion of Afghan culture and well-explaining the other face of Afghans to the world.


In order to keep the event more dynamic, Rokyan scheduled Goodar Zazai to sing a song. Rokyan is too much thankful to him for joining the event and performing in it.


Closing: Award Ceremony:

The last session was scheduled to award those best Afghan personalities who contributed to both Pashto and Dari Literature of Afghanistan.


Rokyan has selected the following individuals:


For Pashto:

a.          Dr. Latif Bahand, translator of Peace and War, Armageddon, Anna Karenina. Dr. Latif Bahand devoted much more of his life to translate the Russian literature which are international considered as legendary works. Those books translated by him, are beyond the capacity of an individual and should have been done by an academy or an institution. He has done all this just himself. Rokyan does not have words to thank him.

b.         Mr. Naseer Ahmad Ahmadi: He is famous Afghan novelist. He produced the best-ever novels which are both history and stories. Adding Joyce and value to the individual reading them. His famous novel Nika-Grandfather and David Johannes became the best-sellers.

c.          Sher Khan Shaheer: the young translator who translated You Can Win of Shiv Khera. “You Can Win” is sold world wide in millions. It is one of the best sellers translated in more than 16 languages. The book received Gold status of best selling in both Germany and France.

d.         Lutfullah Lutf: he was enlisted to be awarded for his translation work for “The Envoy”. It is one of very famous reads produced by Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad, former envoy of US for both Afghanistan, Iraq and United Nations.


For Dari:

a.          Halim Tanvir: Senior Journalist and producer of History of Afghan Journalism History. He added higher value to Dari Literature of Afghanistan and stayed loyal to the national interest of the country.

b.         Dr. Shams-ul-Haq Aryanfar: He is Famous writer and the poet, he has written several books in Dari language such as “Mudiryat e Buhran”,   “Resalat e Farhang”, Shakhseyat Hay Kalan e Afghanistan”, Shinakht e Irfan e Mawlana” and so on. He has contributed and added higher value to Dari Literature in Afghanistan.


The last speech of the dinner was by His Excellency Ministry of Culture and Information—Dr. Mohammad Rasool Bawari. He esp. focused on the personality, working and knowledge of Dr. Latif Bahand.


Soon after the speech of His Excellency Minister of Education, the event was taken to the next level: Awarding the Literature Besties.


The pattern was as below for awarding the guests:

To Award Dr. Latif Bahand, the following high ranking personalities were invited:

a.          Dr. M.Rasool Bawari, His Excellency of Minister of Information and Culture

b.         Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal, Ex Minister of Economy and Political Leader of Hezb-i-Islami Afghanistan

c.          Mohammad Zubair Shafiqi, Senior Journo, Translator, Columnist and writer


Complete the pattern for others:


At the end, the Support Head of Rokyan Management Consultancy International, Mr. Abdul Waris Barmak took the ground and welcomed all those who joined the event and accepted the invitation.


He received the Appreciation Certificates awarded to Rokyan Management Consultancy International FZE by:

a.         RIMU/ Ministry of Finance, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

b.         Dutch Committee for Afghanistan (DCA)

c.          ITF-Afghanistan

d.         HealthNet TPO



a.       RIMU/ Ministry of Finance, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan: RMCI is working with RIMU since 2015, we have offered them several training programs for capacity building of their staff in different fields such as Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation, Human Resources Management, Procurement Management, Financial Management … in different countries such as Singapore, Turkey, India, Tajikistan, UAE and Afghanistan. Rokyan was awarded by RIMU for conducting the training programs successfully and providing excellent services to them.

b.       Dutch, Committee for Afghanistan (DCA): RMCI is working with DCA since 2014, we have offered them several trainings in Value Chain Management, Monitoring & Evaluation, Communication and Networking, Financial Management… in different countries such as UAE, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan. DCA awarded Rokyan because of on time quality training and service provided to them.

c.       ITF-Afghanistan: RMCI is working with ITF since 2016, we have offered them trainings in different fields such as Financial Management, Audit and IFRS in Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. ITF awarded RMCI because of Rokyan’s support in provision of mentioned different management courses to their staff and facilitation and implementation of their projects in efficient manner.

d.       HealthNet TPO: RMCI is working with HealthNet TPO since 2013, Rokyan has conducted several training need assessments and offered them several training programs for capacity building of their staff and their partners in different fields such as Hospital Management, Medical Ethics, Research, Monitoring & Evaluation, Project Management, Financial Management & Audit, Forensic Psychiatry Management, Pharmacy Management, Effective Communication Skills, Team Building and Leadership… in Dubai, UAE and Kabul, Afghanistan. HealthNet TPO awarded RMCI because of “Exemplary highest standard of services in Capacity Building” provided by Rokyan to HealthNet TPO staff and their partners.