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Rokyan Management Consultancy International in partnership with Fredric Ebert Stiftung (FES) successfully conducted an 8-day Leadership  training event in Delhi, India. The training was a comprehensive mix of Leadership, personality development, public speaking, consultation. 

Participants were trained to be inspiring future leaders for Afghan community. Mr. Bahawi, reknown Afghan athlete was one of the participants joined the training. 

Being brand of capacity building in Afghanistan and more than 16 countries of the world, Rokyan is getting much more popularity among professional organizations. 

Rokyan is determined to have more acheivements in 2018 with the support of clients, partners and stakeholders. 

Rokyan is putting all efforts to re-launch its services in Singapore. Fredric Ebert Stiftung is one of International Organizations having offices and projects in more than 100 countries of the world. Rokyan is feeling proud being partner with such brands and determined to enlarge the cycle.