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Rokyan Management Consultancy International FZE conducted a 4-day course with the financial support of IDLO for Defense Lawyers of Nangrahar, Kunar, Khost, Balkh, Badakhshan, Sar-e-Pul and Jawzjan provinces. The training commenced on January 14 and ended on January 17,2018. 


Total participants joined the course were 22 of whom 15 were men and 7 were women. Training was held in Ceddar House located behind Safi Land Mark, Shah-re-Naw, Kabul. 


Defense Lawyers who joined the course were from MOJ, AIBA, ILFA, VWO, HAWCA, MEDICA-AF, AHRO, JFAO and WAW.


They were trained on managerial skills, functions, effective planning, decision making, controlling, and leadership.

They were practically taught how to develop plans, monitor the process and measure the results. 

During the leadership training, participants were trained on how to be both managers and leaders simulataneously. 


Participants really urged on the extension of the training for more days requested potential training events on: Project Management and Change Management.