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08.00 to 16.00 Monday to Sat Day

RMCI trained 31 employees of Agha Khan Health Services (AKHS) in Kabul, Afghanistan on:

·         Health Care Waste Management TOT

·         HQiP TOT

Besides theoretically training the participants, they were taken on exposure visit to one of the hospitals which is equipped with Waste Management tools.

Participants were impressed practically seeing how waste is collected, stored and managed. Further, they were equipped with tools and techniques how to practically conduct the training courses for their colleagues in their provinces.

RMCI’s medical department trainers conducted the technical portion of the course and the TOT department conducted the TOT portions.

In order to share the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) experience with the participants, two trainers together with their assistants were recruited from JPHEIGO Projects of Ministry of Public Health.

Their inputs, experiences and lessons were the utmost important. Very soon, RMCI will be conducting Supervisory Skills training courses for AKHS in provinces In Sha Allah.