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High Rank Training: Corporate Governance

Rokyan Management Consultancy International (RMCI) recently conducted a trainng course on Corporate Governance in Istanbul, Turkey of which the following organizations nominated their employees:

a.          Ministry of Finance, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

b.         Bank-e-Millie Afghan (BMA)

c.          Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock’s and Irrigation (MAIL)

The training was one such high profile that only managers, Board Members and CEO joined it.


The training was facilitated by senior level trainers from within Istanbul and Baku of Azerbaijan.

The training was ended with full satisfaction and visit to renown bank Pasha Bank. The meeting was between Afghan delegation and CEO of Pasha Bank. The meeting was facilitated by Rokyan Management Consultancy International.


During the meeting, the delegations discussed the different aspects of corporate governance and how shall both parties can extend to each other.