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Another Round of SPSS Training, Kabul

09/12/16 07:27 pm

Training was quite practical and relevant to the needs of the participants

Financial Management 101, Kabul, Afghanistan

09/12/16 07:18 pm

Participants requested the extension of the course for some more days

Professional Fundraising, Kabul, Afghanistan

09/12/16 07:07 pm

Participants practically joined Chalkpower Fundraising event to practice what they theoretically learned

Management & Supervision, ICRC, Kadahar

09/12/16 06:42 pm

Management and Supervision Training Conducted for Department Heads of Merwais Hospital, Kandahar! The training was funded by ICRC Afghanistan

Rokyan is ICC Member

16/10/16 05:03 pm

Congratulations to All RMC partners and colleagues! RMC is now International Chambers of Commerce Member!

IFRS, Juba, South Sudan

13/06/16 08:07 am