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60 Employees of Healthnet TPO Trained

07/05/17 03:36 pm

RMCI has been honored serving Healthnet TPO since 2013. Healthnet was served on numerous training topics in different countries such as India, UAE and Afghanistan. Rokyan, in addition, to conducting training courses on administrative and personal development, has started conducting courses on Hospital Management, Medical Ethics, Child Protection and Health Promotion. We are proud serving the senior staff of Health Net TPO. Hope we can serve your organization sooner too!

Successful Completion: RBM&E and Leadership, Tajikistan

07/05/17 03:28 pm

Rokyan Management Consultancy International FZE has been conducting training courses since 2014 in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Mostly local Dushanbe based International organizations are introducing their employees to have their staff capacitated. For team members from Afghanistan, it is always a wow experience to share their experiences and relevant learnings with local Tajik organizations and copy theirs.

First Entry to Kazakhstan

07/05/17 03:08 pm

Rokyan Management Consultancy International FZE is regularly expanding its services to different countries. As part of expansion plan, RMCI officially entered into Kazakhstan and conducted 3 courses in series to different organizations from Afghanistan and Tajikistan. RMCI is expanding its services further to Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan.

RMCI Celebrates 8th March

17/03/17 06:54 pm

Happy International Women’s Day! Capacitating women is capacitating a nation! Thus we are committed to both children and women’s development. Nations not paying full attention to women and children’s issues will be left with shaking economies and dubious futures!

Procurement MGT Training Completed in Delhi

02/03/17 11:37 pm

Rokyan Management Consultancy International FZE is conducting training courses in more than 17 countries of the world. We are partners with reputed organizations/and institutions and being internationally recognized in Middle East, Africa and ASEAN Countries.

43 Employees of MRH, Kandahar Got Trained

02/03/17 11:10 pm

RMCI-FZE is honored to be service provider to ICRC-Afghanistan. With the financial support of ICRC-Afghanistan, RMCI-FZE conducted Refresher training sessions on Management and Supervision for Merwais Regional Hospital.

116 Employees of Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs Trained

02/03/17 10:45 pm

We are honored for being the regular training provider to Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Being an Effective Partner of USAID-Afghanistan. 116 employees of the institutions trained.

109 Participants of 3 Ministries Trained

02/03/17 10:12 pm

Great Achievement for RMCI-FZE. Successfully trained 109 employees of 3 Afghan ministries. Financially supported by HandiCap Int’l.

2016 Briefing

14/01/17 11:09 am

Rokyan Management Consultancy (RMC) - Training master

2017 Training List (January-March)

21/12/16 12:22 pm

Cairo, Istanbul, Almaty, Cape Town, Dubai, Delhi, Kabul are the training venues

Rokyan Officially a Gulf Firm

11/12/16 03:49 pm

Rokyan officially entered into UAE!

FM and Audit, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

09/12/16 07:35 pm

International participants joining Rokyan training courses due to its higher quality of delivering the services

Another Round of SPSS Training, Kabul

09/12/16 07:27 pm

Training was quite practical and relevant to the needs of the participants

Financial Management 101, Kabul, Afghanistan

09/12/16 07:18 pm

Participants requested the extension of the course for some more days

Professional Fundraising, Kabul, Afghanistan

09/12/16 07:07 pm

Participants practically joined Chalkpower Fundraising event to practice what they theoretically learned

Management & Supervision, ICRC, Kadahar

09/12/16 06:42 pm

Management and Supervision Training Conducted for Department Heads of Merwais Hospital, Kandahar! The training was funded by ICRC Afghanistan

Result Based M&E, Istanbul, Turkey

15/11/16 07:43 pm

Rokyan Management Consultancy recently conducted course on Result Based Monitoring and Evaluation in Istanbul, Turkey for Ministry of Public Health Afghanistan and Educational Support Organization Afghanistan.

Number of Training Courses Done for SCA

15/11/16 07:27 pm

It is honor that once Rokyan does a training for a client, they will repeatedly join and ask for Rokyan services! RMC offered training services to Swedish Committee Afghanistan (SCA) for total of 5 days on 3 topics: