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Dubai, UAE

08.00 to 16.00 Monday to Sat Day

RMC - Rokyan Management Consultancy

Project Management, Team Building and Leadership, Istanbul, Turkey

10/02/19 10:29 pm

Join us in Istanbul, Turkey for learning events

RMC - Rokyan Management Consultancy

Financial Management, Budgeting and Audit, Istanbul, Turkey

10/02/19 09:54 pm

Financial Management, Budgeting and Audit training at Istanbul, Turkey for 08 days. To know more about the fee, plz write us: info@rokyan.com

Major Clients

12/01/19 01:45 pm

Each and every client is important and valuable to us.

Three Years of Success in UAE

12/01/19 01:40 pm

Rokyan has been celebrating its 3rd year of service

High Rank Training: Corporate Governance

12/01/19 01:35 pm

Rokyan Management Consultancy International (RMCI) recently conducted

Major Venues:

12/01/19 01:31 pm

Rokyan Management Consultancy International (RMCI) trained 1,327

RMC - Rokyan Management Consultancy

Major Training Events

12/01/19 01:28 pm

Total training events which took place in 2018 were 187 of

1,327 Participants Got Trained @ 2018

12/01/19 01:23 pm

“We wish all our contributors a very happy new year! We are closing 2018 with

Rokyan Completes Fifteen Rounds of CS Training

16/12/18 02:11 pm

Rokyan Management Consultancy International finally successfully completed

Comprehensive Quickbooks Launched

16/12/18 02:01 pm

Rokyan is proud enough successfully conducting its first Quickbooks

Istanbul Events

29/09/18 07:58 am

6th Round of HRM 101 Takes Place in Kabul, Afghanistan

18/08/18 09:35 am

RMCI Conduct 6th Round of HRM 101 Takes Place in Kabul, August 12-14, 2018

Evidence Based Advocacy Tools Training in Almaty

29/07/18 01:40 pm

RMCI Contact Evidence Based Advocacy Tools Training in Almaty July 20-27, 2018

Minister Visits Rokyan

28/07/18 12:17 pm

Minister of Information & Technology visited RMC International FZE July 26 2018

Training for Afghan Telecom Just Took Place

28/07/18 10:25 am

RMC Int’l FZE conducted Effective Communication, Consumer Behavior and Sales Mgt Training

Professional Writing and Networking Skills

23/07/18 08:32 am

Professional Writing and Networking Skills Training Istanbul, Turkey